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Syringe Pump (Dual Channel)

Series : experience 6009

Simultaneous injection with two drugs
Automatic self-identification of 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 50/60ml syringes
All kinds of syringe brands
5 injection modes: ml/h Mode, Weight Mode, Volume-Time Mode, MTIVAMode, Intdelivery Mode
25 injection speed units
KVO & Bolus function
Visible and audibleAlarms
Real time display
Rechargeable Lithium battery can work continuously for over 4.5 hours
Autosave previous injection record

Import Japan motor to ensure the syringe is more accurate

Syringe Pump with Drug Library

Series :experience 6008 


1.      Compatible with any brand syringes from 5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml and 60ml.

2.      Stackable to be the maximum 8 channels.

3.      High accuracy +/- 2% after correct calibrated.

4.      Five work modes: Rate /Time/Dose/Sequential/Drug library Mode.

5.      Manual or Automatic Bolus function.

6.      Vertical & Horizontal mounting clamp.

7.      Anti-bolus system to reduce significantly after occlusion sudden release.

8.      DPS Occlusion Pressure display.

9.      2000 events stored can be checked and downloaded.

10.   Large color TFT display with adjustable brightness.