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Anesthesia Workstation 

Series : Nature 7009

Trust Points

l Simplicity: easy to use, easy to move with 4 wheels.

l Choice: adapt the equipment to your patients and procedures freely

l Patient Centered Ventilation: Precision in an anesthesia ventilator, from conventional ventilation to advanced modes, including 5 modes: IPPV; A/C; PCV; SIMV; SIGH, MAUN.

Flexible configurations to suit your needs.

l International standard and advanced technology suitable for wide range use.

l Compact interface and touch screen give you better operating experience.


l 10.4” TFT LCD touch screen displays the Ventilation parameters, Alarming information and Waveform.

l Electronic flow meter, instantly know the fresh gas flow to your patient.

l Integration breathing circuit design, ensure easy operating and keep tidy.

l Multiple working modes such as volume control and pressure limit, adapt to wide range patient.

l Vaporizer with temperature, flow compensation and self-lock function, keep safety anytime.

l Multiple parameters monitoring interface, make every parameter clear, let users know the patient conditions in all aspects;

l Real time pressure-time, flow-time loop graphics and high precision ETCO2,O2 concentration detection function included.

l Vital sign monitor and Anesthetic gas monitor are optional.



l Three level alarming system, visual and sound alarm information.

l Intelligent dual system controls ensure safe use in clinics.

l With lots of alarming, reminding and protection functions.

l Advanced power management control technology.

l With built-in backup power source, when outside power source goes off, back-up power source starts to work.

1. Unique, advanced, full function. There is no similar product in current market. Profit Space Ensured.

2. Separate electric/ gas circuit makes easy maintenance few years later.

3. Beautiful design and complete function can attract new buyers attention, show company's tech ability.

4. All parts are international standard, following maintenance spare parts can equip all brands.


Advantages for End User

1. Humanized Design, comfortable use.

2. Contains all alarming function and locking function in case wrong operation. Safe.

2. Electronic flow meter, easy and direct for doctors to check. And also can ensure the flow meter show clearly during Endoscopy surgery.

3. Full monitoring data, ventilation status, patients' lung function status. More safe and can save some cost for other monitor device.

4. Beautiful design make the hospital look more reliable.